Ms Shyra Roshane

Fashion Designer - Author - Entrepreneur

The Baldie that Sews & Writes...

Born and raised in South London Shyra Roshane fell in love with the skill of sewing at the age of 9 from the teachings of her Grandmother...

As she grew she explored more into the world of Fashion and fell in love with the Unique beauty and artistry that goes into the Fashion World.

Shyra went on to study numerous Art & Design, Sewing And Fashion Design Courses before starting her brand.

In late 2017 Shyra went on to launching her very first Clothing line 'TwentyOne Twelve'... after many years of trials and tribulations, in late 2022 she decided to rebrand and create 'The S Label' which is set to launch in 2024.

One of Shyra's many dreams was to write a book, having being inspired by her favourite childhood Author Jaqueline Wilson and always having her head in a book.

In 2020 Shyra Roshane went onto write her first book which is set to be released mid 2024

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